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Living in social housing

Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and request help with your home or tenancy

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  • Rights and responsibilities

    Understand your rights as a tenant, what your responsibilities are and how your tenancy is managed
  • Paying rent, bills and other charges

    Information on how rent is set, access to payment options for rent and water and an overview of other charges you may need to pay
  • Repairs, modifications and maintenance to a property

    Access eRepair, understand what changes you can ask for or make to your home, or request maintenance
  • Move, swap or transfer housing

    Find information on transferring to more suitable home, swapping homes with another tenant and moving out of social housing
  • Health, safety and savings at home

    Tips for reducing your energy and water bills, managing your household and reducing health risks at home
  • Community housing tenants

    Community housing tenants are tenants of the community housing provider. They are not tenants of FACS Housing
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