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This factsheet outlines:

  • how we calculate your water charges
  • if you are entitled to a water usage allowance
  • what to do if there is a water leak.

How does DCJ work out your charges?

If you live in a home with a separate water meter, you pay for water based on your actual usage. Each time we get a bill from your water authority, we adjust your water charge, based on your water usage.

If you used less water or more water than we charged you for in the latest billing period, we will adjust your weekly water charge to reflect this.

If you live in a home without a separate water meter, you pay a percentage of your rent as a water usage charge. A maximum weekly charge applies.

Are there different water usage arrangements for new tenants?

All new tenants start off paying a percentage of their rent as the water usage charge.

If you are living in a property without a separate water meter, this will continue.

If you are living in a property with a separate water meter, you will move to paying for your actual water usage once your household’s water usage is  confirmed.

Will DCJ give me a water usage allowance?

We will consider giving a water usage allowance for:

  • health or disability reasons, if you can show medical evidence. Medical evidence should include information about how much more water you need because of the medical condition or disability
  • a large household of six or more people

When do I report a water leak?

You must immediately report water leaks by calling the Maintenance Line. If you do not, you may have higher water usage charges.

Maintenance Line

1800 422 322

Water leaks include a:

  • dripping tap
  • running toilet tank
  • leaking showerhead, hot water service or outdoor tap.

We will only adjust higher water usage charges when they are due to:

  • underground water leaks
  • a delay in contractors fixing reported water leaks
  • an incorrect meter read by the water authority.

What if I disagree with DCJ Housing’s decision?

If you believe our decision about your water percentage charge or your claim for a water allowance is wrong, you should discuss your concerns with a Client Service Officer.

You can also ask us to review the decision.

To do this, fill in the Review Of Decisions form available at your local DCJ office or download it from the DCJ website by searching ‘Review of Decisions (first tier appeal)’.

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Last updated: 16 Aug 2023