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Tenants of DCJ Housing and the Aboriginal Housing Office are required to pay for their water usage. This charge is in addition to the tenant’s rent. Tenants do not pay for connection, sewerage and other charges not related to water usage.

If you are a public housing tenant you will pay either a ‘percentage water charge’ or an ‘actual water charge’. This is determined by whether your property has a shared or a separate water meter and whether DCJ Housing receives sufficient usage information from the local water authority to determine your water usage.

If you reside in a separately metered property you pay for the actual water you use.

If you reside in a shared metered property you pay a percentage of your actual rent as a water usage charge. A maximum weekly charge applies to this charge. The percentage rate and the maximum charge are reviewed each year.

Water usage allowance

DCJ Housing will consider granting a water usage allowance to a tenant who pays an actual water usage charge and they, or a member of their household:

  • Are on kidney dialysis, and/or
  • Have a health condition or disability which means they need to use significantly more water than normal, and/or
  • Have a large household (six or more people)

Contact your local client service office to find out if you may be entitled to a water usage allowance.

Payment of water charges

Water usage charges must be paid weekly or fortnightly into your separate water usage account.

For more information about paying your water or making other payments, see payment options.

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Last updated: 16 Aug 2023