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Parental responsibility and rights, parenting and baby care tips, Raising Them Strong, leaving kids home alone, and how to keep children safe

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  • Parental responsibility and rights

    The rights and responsibilities parents have in bringing up their children and making decisions about their care and welfare, and the law on leaving kids at home alone
  • Caring for babies, children and young people

    Caring for children can be challenging. Here are some parenting tips on babies, toddlers, children and teens, including those with disabilities. Plus advice on building strong family relationships and raising happy and resilient children
  • Keeping your children safe

    Tips about how to keep children safe wherever they may be, including in the car, at the beach or pool, during hot weather and holidays, and at play
  • For Aboriginal parents and carers

    These helpful articles and printable guides and booklets were created by Aboriginal carers and support workers for Aboriginal families and kinship carers across NSW
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