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Client service delivery and appeals

DCJ Housing provides its services in a way that is:

  • fair and accessible to all
  • prompt and efficient
  • accurate and honest
  • private and confidential
  • appropriate to people’s needs.

In a range of circumstances, clients can appeal a social housing provider’s decision that affects their entitlements, or if they believe an incorrect decision was made.

A tenant or applicant can ask for a decision made by DCJ Housing to be reviewed if they believe that:

  • inadequate consideration has been given to their individual circumstances, or
  • the decision is contrary to DCJ Housing policy, or
  • involved a poor interpretation of policy, or
  • the procedures used to read the decision were incorrect.

Under Housing Pathways, each provider is responsible for reviews of their own decisions regarding eligibility, priority and entitlement for social housing, and offers of accommodation.

The review will reconsider the original decision and decide whether DCJ Housing policy and procedures have been applied correctly and fairly.

There are two levels of appeals:

  • First tier, which involves an internal review by the relevant housing provider, and
  • Second tier, which involves an independent review by the Housing Appeals Committee.

For more information on this policy, check the Client Service Delivery and Appeals policy.

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Last updated: 18 Dec 2023