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It is your responsibility to tell us within 28 days of any changes in your household. Telling us about changes ensures our records are correct and up to date and that you receive the right assistance.

It is important to understand that if you receive a Centrelink income, Centrelink does not tell DCJ Housing about any changes to a person’s income details, even if you participate in the Income Confirmation Scheme.

What type of changes should I tell DCJ Housing about?

You should tell us about the following type of changes:

  • the number of people living in your home, for example, the birth of a child or someone moving in or out of your home
  • anyone staying consistently and regularly in your home
  • your household income, for example, someone starting work, a change in Centrelink benefit, someone stopping work
  • anyone in your household who is self employed or running their own business
  • any assets, such as savings, shares, dividends that you or a member of household have
  • any property ownership or inheritance that you or a member of your household have.
  • any lump sum payment received by you or a member of your household, such as a workers compensation or insurance payment.

You must tell us in writing about any changes. You can do this by filling out an:

These forms are available online or from any local DCJ Housing office. You can also ask your client service office to send you a Tenancy Online Form to complete.

What if I don’t tell DCJ Housing about changes to my household?

If you are a DCJ Housing tenant, you are in breach of your tenancy agreement, which can have a serious effect on your tenancy, including taking action to terminate your tenancy. You may also have to pay back the rental subsidies that you have received. If you receive a Private Rent Subsidy that you are not entitled to, you may have to pay the benefit back to DCJ Housing. In some circumstances, failing to tell us about changes in your household could also result in a criminal prosecution and a fine and/or a prison sentence.

What if I disagree with DCJ Housing’s decision?

If you believe we made the wrong decision, you should first discuss your concerns with a client service officer. You can also ask to have the decision reviewed. To do this, fill in the review of decisions form that is available online or at your local DCJ Housing office.

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Last updated: 16 Aug 2023