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Visiting your home

Our staff and contractors may be required to visit your home throughout your tenancy. This can be for a variety of reasons.

Client Service Visits (CSV)

DCJ staff are required to visit your home at least once a year in order to:

  • Find out about problems you may be experiencing such as maintenance issues, problems with neighbours, difficulties paying rent or property care issues.
  • See if you need support to live independently, or need to be linked in with support services to maintain your tenancy.
  • Confirm who is living at the property and that the correct amount of rent is being paid.

For more information, see our Tenancy Policy Supplement and our During a Tenancy Policy

Virtual Client Service Visits (CSV’s)

Whilst most Client Service Visits are done in person, DCJ also offers Virtual CSV’s. Instead of us coming to your house, we can check in with you through a video call.

During the call we will ask you to show us the entire home – including the yard, garage or shed, just like an in-person visit. You can also raise any issues with your Client Service Officer (CSO).

We don’t record, take pictures or screenshots during the video call. We may ask you to send us a picture for information or to help us to act quickly on property care and maintenance issues.

The virtual CSV uses FaceTime or the WhatsApp messenger app. The call will use data on your device or internet plan.

For more information go to: Virtual Client Service Visits

It’s important that our tenancy staff conduct these visits at least once a year. If they cannot get access to the property after 3 attempts, they may seek an access order from the NWS Civil and Administrative Tribunal that allows us to use a lock smith to obtain access.

Maintenance inspections

Whilst DCJ manages your tenancy, the maintenance of your home is managed by the Land and Housing Corporation. There will be times when their contractors may be required to enter your home to conduct repair work, maintenance, service your smoke alarm or do their yearly property surveys. Those surveys help them determine the upkeep work on the property such as painting, re-flooring etc.

Except for in emergencies, contractors will be advise you when they will attend your property.  For more information please go to Access to your property.


You can be assured, all DCJ staff, maintenance contractors and inspectors will comply with current Health and Safety standards as set out by NSW Health when visiting your home.

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Last updated: 16 Aug 2023