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Call the Maintenance Line with any maintenance requests 24 hours, 7 days, all year round.

Maintenance Line
1800 422 322

Specialist staff provide support and advice and are able to make decisions on the spot about what needs to be done.

For your convenience, telephones with a direct link to the Maintenance Line are available in the lobby of all local offices to use during business hours.

Although local offices can tell you what planned maintenance work is scheduled for your home, they will refer you to the Maintenance Line for maintenance requests.

Provide as many details as possible

You will need to give as many details as possible about the problem that needs repairing when you call.

Make sure you have a pen ready to write down the job reference number for your maintenance request. Having the job reference number will make it easier to make a follow up call to the Maintenance Line.

A contractor will contact you to make an appointment for an inspection and/or repair to take place.

Please ring the Maintenance Line back if the problem gets worse or you have not had a response to the request in the agreed timeframe.

Reporting vandalism

Please call the Police Assistance Line first to report vandalism before calling the Maintenance Line.

You will be asked to provide details of the damage and when it happened.

The Police Assistance Line will give you an event number for your report, make sure you write this down. You will need to give the event number to Maintenance Line staff when you call to request a repair.

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Last updated: 16 Aug 2023