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A range of private rental assistance products and services are available which can help clients to:

  • set up or maintain a tenancy in the private sector
  • pay urgent housing related costs like rent arrears
  • move from public housing to private rental accommodation

Private rental assistance options available include:

A Statement of Satisfactory Tenancy can be used as a reference in a rental applications. The Statement is only available to a tenant or former tenant of public housing. It may help a landlord or real estate agent decide if you will be a suitable tenant for a property.

The private rental brokerage service helps clients with complex needs and their support agencies set up a tenancy in the private rental market.

A Bond Extra gives landlords and real estate agents extra cover for rental arrears or property damage. This is an incentive for them to offer a lease to clients who are having difficulty securing a tenancy in the private market.

Rentstart Bond Loan: an interest-free loan to assist eligible clients pay a rental bond for a tenancy

Advance Rent: available to Bond Loan clients and client’s moving into low-cost accommodation that requires a deposit

Rentstart Move: a loan for tenants leaving public housing to help with the cost of moving

Tenancy Assistance: help with rent and water arrears for eligible private market tenants

Temporary Accommodation: help to address short-term housing needs

Rent Choice Start Safely: for client’s escaping domestic violence

Rent Choice Youth: for people aged 16 to 24 years

Rent Choice Veterans: for former members of the Australian Defence Force

A private rental subsidy offers eligible clients help with medium-term accommodation before an offer of social housing can be made.


You can apply for all types of private rental assistance by completing an application for housing assistance online or at your local social housing provider.

Your application will be assessed to determine if a private rental assistance product is suitable for you.

If you have found a property to rent in the private market and want to apply for a Rentstart Bond Loan, fill out the online application for Rentstart Bond Loan. You can also complete and fax a paper application for Renstart Bond Loan. You will be advised whether or not your application for Rentstart is approved by SMS and in writing.

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Last updated: 10 Jul 2020