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Keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter

Read the PDF version of the air conditioner fact sheet

How to use your air conditioner

Your air conditioner is designed to heat and cool your living area only. It has been selected to be energy efficient, reliable, and easy to operate and maintain.

In summer aim to keep the temperature to 23 - 26°C

In winter aim to keep the temperature to 18 - 21°C

Using temperatures outside of these ranges will increase your energy bills and cause unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioner.

Your air conditioner has temperature sensors that will vary the speed of the unit to maintain the temperature selected on your wall control panel.

Your wall control panel has been pre-set to operate your air conditioner within the following temperature ranges:

  • Cool: 20°C to 32°C
  • Heat: 16°C to 24°C
  • Auto: 20°C to 24°C

How can I stay cool in summer?

A fan, window blinds and an open window.

  • Keep internal doors closed to minimise the area being cooled.
  • Use your fan first.
  • Close curtains and blinds during the day.
  • Open windows at night to let the cool breeze in.

How can I stay warm in winter?

A fan, window blinds and a carpet snake.

  • Put on a jumper and keep warm with a blanket before turning on the unit.
  • Use a ceiling fan to move warm air around your home.
  • Close curtains and doors to keep the heat inside your home.
  • Use door snakes to stop draughts.

Remember: Do not leave your air conditioner running over night or when no one is home (it will drive your electricity bills up!)

Keeping you and your air conditioner healthy

Your air conditioner has a filter and pre-filters. These filters remove dust and particles to ensure that only clean air is blown into your living room.

If the filter and pre-filters are full of dust, air flow will decrease, cooling capacity will reduce, and it may also become noisy.

As pre-filters require regular cleaning, it is your responsibility to clean the pre-filters at least once a month. It’s really easy, just follow these three steps:

  1. Remove the pre-filter from the indoor unit by opening the front panel and gently lifting it from the filter frame. open the air conditioning unit
  2. Vacuum the dust from the pre-filter using a vacuum cleaner. If dust remains, rinse the pre-filter under running water and gently brush it with a soft brush. Do not use detergents or hot water to clean the pre-filter. Let the pre-filter dry in the shade.vacuum cleaner
  3. When dry, re-insert the pre-filter into the filter frame, making sure that the ‘FRONT’ mark is facing you. Close the front panel by gently pushing it at both sides and
    the middle. Closing the air conditioning panel

When to use your air conditioner without driving costs up

When the sun is up, use your air conditioner on hot sunny days when your solar panels are producing free energy for you.

When the sun is down, electricity is generally cheaper. Before 7am and after 10pm it can be around 50% cheaper! Electricity charges vary based on your electricity tariff (Single Rate or Time of Use) and discounts offered by your energy retailer.

How much will my air conditioner cost to run?

Running cost will vary depending on your electricity tariff, how often and when you use it, how cold or warm you would like your living area, and how well you maintain it.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019