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DCJ Housing provides free, confidential and qualified language services to clients who may need information or assistance with housing.

The interpreter and language services provided by DCJ Housing assist clients to communicate with staff to ensure that the information provided to them is accurate and the type of assistance they receive is suitable to their needs.

If you need an interpreter you can:

Phone All Graduates Interpreting and Translation Services and they will arrange for a telephone interpreter to speak with you in the language you require.

The Block Booking Interpreter Service Timetable has the time and location interpreters are available in selected DCJ Housing offices. You can contact your local office and make an appointment for this service or you can visit the office on the day the interpreter you need is available. There is often a high demand for interpreters so it is important to remember to be on time for your appointment.

Block Booking Interpreter Service (BBIS) timetable: DCJ Housing offices

ArabicBankstown: 10am - 2pm

Fairfield: 9am - 12pm

Liverpool: 9am - 1pm

9am - 12pm
Bankstown: 1pm - 4pm Bankstown: 1pm - 4pm Fairfield: 9am - 12pm

Miller: 10am - 1pm
Riverwood: 9am - 12pm
Assyrian Fairfield: 9am - 12pm   Fairfield: 9am - 12pm
Cantonese/ MandarinBurwood: 1pm - 4pm (x2)

City (Sussex Street): 1pm - 4pm
Riverwood: 9am - 12pm

Surry Hills: 1pm - 4pm
 City (Sussex Street): 1pm - 4pm

Hurstville: 1pm - 4pm

Waterloo: 9am - 12pm
Parramatta: 9am - 12pm
Farsi Parramatta: 9am - 12pm  Parramatta: 9am - 12pm
(each fortnight)
Korean    Burwood: 9am - 12pm
Russian Maroubra: 9am - 1pm

9pm - 12pm
 Surry Hills: 9am - 12pm  
Turkish   Parramatta: 9am - 12pm
(each fortnight)
Vietnamese Bankstown: 9am - 1pm

City (Sussex Street): 1pm - 4pm
Bankstown: 1pm - 4pm Bankstown: 9am - 1pm

Fairfield: 1pm - 4pm

Why is it important to use a professional interpreter?

The interpreters provided by DCJ Housing are qualified, follow strict rules about confidentiality and cannot discuss anything about a client’s circumstance with anyone else.

Using family or friends as interpreters

DCJ Housing cannot use family and friends as interpreters even if some clients may prefer this. Interpreters are qualified and speak the required language and English fluently. A family member or friend can come and support you during the interview with the interpreter and a staff member of DCJ Housing.

If you can’t attend an interview

Clients are strongly encouraged to give at least 24 hours’ notice if unable to attend an interview with an interpreter. DCJ Housing may have to pay a cancellation fee if less than 24 hours notice is given or if the client arrives too late for the appointment.

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Last updated: 27 Feb 2020