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DCJ Housing is committed to helping and supporting our tenants move from public housing accommodation to private rental accommodation. One of the ways we do this is by providing a Statement of Satisfactory Tenancy. There is no cost involved, the Statement is free.

Most real estate agents and private landlords want to see a reference from a prospective tenant’s former landlord before they accept someone as a tenant. (DCJ Housing is the landlord for all public housing tenants.)

A Statement of Satisfactory Tenancy is a reference from DCJ Housing that provides details about:

  • where you live or lived as a public housing tenant
  • the date your tenancy started
  • whether your tenancy was satisfactory

The purpose of the Statement is to show a future real estate agent or landlord that you have been a satisfactory tenant.

How to request a Statement of Satisfactory Tenancy

Only the tenant (or former tenant) can request a Statement; other household members cannot request a Statement.

Complete the application for a Statement of Satisfactory Tenancy form and take it to your local DCJ Housing office, fax it or post it:

DCJ Housing
Fax: 9612 6393

Postal address:
Locked Bag 7150
Liverpool BC 1871

It generally takes about 10 working days to process your application.

If you are eligible for a Statement, we will fax or post it to the fax number or postal address on your application form.

If you are not eligible for a Statement, we will write to you explaining our reasons.

How to use the Statement of Satisfactory Tenancy

Keep your Statement in a safe place. When you apply for a private rental tenancy provide the prospective real estate agent or landlord with a photocopy of your Statement.

Any real estate agent, landlord or third party can telephone DCJ Housing to verify the Statement.

If you lose or misplace your Statement contact your local DCJ Housing office or the Housing Contact Centre and ask for another copy.

Housing Contact Centre
1800 422 322

What if I disagree with DCJ Housing’s decision?

If you believe we have made a wrong decision, you should first discuss your concerns with a client service officer. You can also ask to have the decision reviewed. To do this fill in the review of decisions form available at your local DCJ Housing office or the DCJ website.

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Last updated: 02 Sep 2020