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Public housing tenants can apply for financial help through Rentstart Move if they are:

  • ineligible for a further public housing lease and are required to vacate their property; or
  • want to leave public housing voluntarily

Under Rentstart Move, DCJ Housing may be able to assist you with a loan of up to 100% of your rental bond, which is repayable to DCJ Housing.

Any payments you make will be returned to you at the end of the tenancy if there is no claim by the landlord or real estate agent.

For more information about how Bond Loans work, see the Rentstart Bond Loan factsheet.

How do I know if I am eligible for Rentstart Move?

You are eligible for Rentstart Move if you are leaving public housing voluntarily or because of changes to your income or assets and:

  • your rent and all other DCJ Housing accounts have a nil balance or are in credit
  • you do not own or part own a property
  • you have less than $5,000 in cash assets
  • your private accommodation rent is no more than 50% of your household’s total gross weekly income. For example, if your household’s total gross weekly income is $500, to be eligible for Rentstart Move assistance, the weekly rent must be $250 or less.

When should I apply for Rentstart Move?

You can apply for Rentstart Move as soon as you have found private rental accommodation, even while you are still living in public housing. If you have already moved into the new property you are not eligible for Rentstart Move.

Finding the right private accommodation

Finding the right place to rent when you leave public housing can seem difficult at first. DCJ Housing has a number of factsheets with advice on private rental available online or from your local DCJ Housing or participating community housing provider office.

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Last updated: 22 Jan 2020