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Ten grants awarded to Aboriginal led or partnered projects in 2023

FACSIAR has awarded ten research grants for Aboriginal led/partnered analysis projects to answer OOHC stakeholders’ priority policy and practice questions and build the evidence base to improve the outcomes for Aboriginal children and families. The projects will commence from July 2023 and be underway for 12-18 months.

The POCLS dataset is an open data asset and holds a wealth of data. For more information, please see the POCLS data asset and the DCJ funded projects or POCLS publications pages.


Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study (POCLS) roundtables were held in 2022 with researchers, the Advisory Group and the Evidence to Action Group. A panel of researchers summarised the key insights from recently completed analysis of the POCLS dataset to inform policy and practice to improve children’s experiences in out-of-home care and developmental outcomes. The focus of the roundtables were:

  1. Child development, wellbeing and children with a disability
  2. Cultural connections and family time
  3. Education and Youth Justice
  4. Casework and Support
  5. Permanency and Wellbeing Outcomes

Video recordings can be accessed by the links above. The video transcripts are also available:

  1. Child development, wellbeing and children with a disability video transcript DOCX, 26.27 KB
  2. Cultural connections and family time video transcript DOCX, 29.59 KB
  3. Education and Youth Justice video transcript DOCX, 26.38 KB
  4. Casework and Support video transcript DOCX, 28.4 KB
  5. Permanency and Wellbeing Outcomes video transcript DOCX, 29.22 KB

Research seminars

FACSIAR research seminars showcase insights from the Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study (POCLS)analysis projects and studies supported through the DCJ External Research Program. The series facilitates the dissemination of new and emerging research evidence for policy makers and practitioners.

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Learn more about the datasets available to researchers and evaluators.


Longitudinal Studies Network

The POCLS information is available on the ARACY website and the website of the Melbourne Children's consortium for LifeCourse Research. Please find links below:

POCLS Advisory Group Meeting

If you are part of this Study, please let the researchers at DCJ or I-view know if you change your address or phone number so we can keep in contact with you.

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Last updated: 30 Jan 2024