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Allocation zones

What is an allocation zone?

An allocation zone is a group of areas or towns where social housing is available. There are 246 allocation zones across NSW.

Can I choose a town or suburb?

No. When you apply for social housing you are asked to choose an area, suburb or town where you would prefer to live. We then check to see which allocation zone your selection is in and if you are eligible for housing, we list you on the NSW Housing Register for offers of housing in this allocation zone.

For example, in a non metropolitan area such as Ballina, we check to see which allocation zone this is in. Ballina is in allocation zone NN31 - Ballina which includes the towns of Ballina, East Ballina, Lennox Head, Skennars Head, Wardell and West Ballina.

If you select a metropolitan area where you would prefer to live, for example Auburn, we check to see which allocation zone this is in. Auburn is in allocation zone GW2 Auburn/Granville which includes Auburn and the suburbs of Berala, Granville, Guildford, Lidcombe, Newington, Regents Park, Rookwood, Silverwater and South Granville.

A few suburbs are in more than one allocation zone and these are indicated by the word “Part”. Our aim is to house people where they would prefer to live but we can’t guarantee specific locations. The location of the property we offer you when it’s your turn to be housed will depend on where the next vacancy occurs that matches the type of housing you need within the allocation zone you have selected. This means that we might offer you housing in any of the suburbs or towns that are grouped into the allocation zone you are approved for.

To assist you with choosing your allocation zone you can use the Allocation Zone Locator tool.

In some locations, not all social housing providers are available. This is identified on the Allocation Zone Locator with community housing only. If you choose one of these locations you will need to select your provider preference as all available social housing options or community housing only.

If you’d like help choosing a location you can contact the DCJ Housing Contact Centre on 1800 422 322 or visit the office of your local social housing provider participating in Housing Pathways.

Are the waiting times different between allocation zones?

Yes. The waiting times are much longer in some areas than in others.

When selecting an allocation zone, consider the expected wait  times table in your preferred allocation zone as a guide for the current wait for a social housing property for general housing applicants. For an indication on the expected waiting times for social housing by allocation zone and type of property, please use the Expected Wait Time interactive dashboard.

Some allocation zones are called “high demand” zones because the demand for housing in these zones is greater than the number of properties that become available. If you select a high demand zone, you may be asked to provide additional information to determine your need to reside in that zone or you may be asked to select another zone that has shorter waiting times.

Can I change my selection?

Yes. If you are approved for social housing on the general waitlist, you can change your allocation zone at any time until you accept an offer of accommodation. If you wish to change your allocation zone you must advise your local office in writing.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019