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Your rights

You have certain rights that DCJ Housing will ensure are respected.


  • you are informed of all decisions that DCJ Housing makes about your tenancy, including rent, reviews, applications for additional occupants, relocations and transfers
  • DCJ Housing will explain your tenancy to you, including how much rent and water you will pay and whether you are eligible for a subsidy
  • you are given copies of all documents that you need for your tenancy
  • DCJ Housing policies and procedures are clearly explained to you
  • you can ask for an interpreter if needed. You can also ask for someone to act on your behalf (an advocate)
  • DCJ Housing gives you the required notice of a breach of your tenancy agreement
  • DCJ Housing gives you notice to vacate if your tenancy is to end
  • you are treated fairly and respectfully in all decisions and dealings with DCJ.

Clean, Safe and Habitable Home

  • DCJ Housing will ensure your home is clean, safe and habitable  when you move in and will arrange for appropriate repairs and maintenance during your tenancy
  • your home will have adequate security and a working smoke alarm. Repairs to a smoke alarm can only be carried out by DCJ Housing
  • you can keep pets as long as they are suitable for your home, not a restricted breed, and not a nuisance to neighbours nor a health hazard.

Visiting your Property

  • DCJ Housing will visit your home with your permission and within the terms of your tenancy agreement
  • DCJ Housing may enter your property in emergencies, to do urgent repairs, check smoke alarms and address health and safety issues. Where possible, we will seek your consent first
  • for more information, please go to: Visiting your home.

Safety and Welfare

  • DCJ Housing fulfils its obligations to refer child protection issues to the appropriate authorities
  • you are able to end your tenancy immediately if you are in circumstances of domestic and family violence and are not the perpetrator
  • you have the right to enjoy your home peacefully.

Reviewing Decision and Appealing Outcomes

  • you are able to raise any issues you have, with your local office and through DCJ Housing’s client feedback service
  • you are able to ask for decision reviews through DCJ Housing appeals process and the Housing Appeals Committee
  • under some circumstances, you are able to apply to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) if you believe DCJ Housing has breached the tenancy agreement with you.
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Last updated: 06 Feb 2023