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Social housing providers can help you if you are experiencing domestic and family violence by providing access to safe, affordable and timely housing assistance.

What is domestic and family violence?

Domestic and family violence takes many forms. It includes violent, abusive or intimidating behaviour carried out by a partner, carer or family member to control, dominate, humiliate or instil fear. It can also take the form of social or economic abuse, harassment or stalking.

Domestic and family violence occurs across all groups and cultures. Patterns of violent behaviour can be inter-generational. Domestic and family violence is a key cause of homelessness.

What housing assistance is available?

Emergency accommodation

Your local social housing provider office can provide information about emergency temporary and crisis accommodation, including refuges. You can also phone the DCJ Housing Contact Centre for assistance and information.

Housing Contact Centre
1800 422 322

If you have nowhere to stay tonight, contact Link2home:

1800 152 152

Help with renting privately

Private rental assistance can include:

  • Rent Choice Start Safely;
  • help with finding a private rental property;
  • a Bond Extra that can support your application for a private rental property.

Rent Choice Start Safely provides financial help for a limited time to eligible clients who have experienced or are currently experiencing domestic and family violence.

You may apply for private rental assistance by filling out the online application for housing assistance This assistance can include:

Priority access to social housing

If you are experiencing domestic and family violence, you may be eligible for priority housing assistance. This means that you could be offered social housing ahead of other people.

Priority housing assistance is for eligible clients with an urgent need for medium-to-long term social housing where the private rental market is not suitable for their needs.

Who can apply for housing assistance?

If you are experiencing domestic and family violence, social housing providers will respond sensitively to your needs and request for housing assistance. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of you and your family. All applications are confidential.

To receive housing assistance, you will need to meet the eligibility requirements. You will be asked for evidence to support your application such as your household income and proof of permanent residency or citizenship. To find out if you are eligible, you will need to complete an application for housing assistance available:

People already living in public housing

If you currently live in public housing and experience domestic and family violence, you can contact DCJ to end your tenancy immediately. You can also apply for a transfer to another property, temporary accommodation or for assistance in taking over the tenancy if your name is not already on the lease.

DCJ are partners in Staying Home Leaving Violence which supports clients to stay in their own home safely, providing stability for the family. The program offers a range of services including improving home security, providing support for children, help women throughout the legal process, and making referrals to other services e.g. counselling services.

If you need to leave your public housing property, please advise DCJ as soon as possible.

Useful contacts and support services

Domestic Violence Line
1800 656 463

Victims Access Line
1800 633 063

Aboriginal Contact Line
1800 019 123

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Last updated: 09 May 2023