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DCJ Housing recognises that domestic and family violence has a serious and harmful impact on victims and their families.

DCJ Housing is committed to reducing domestic violence and its effects by improving victim’s access to safe, affordable and appropriate accommodation and housing services. DCJ Housing achieves this by providing housing assistance through Housing Pathways as well as specific domestic violence housing initiatives.

Persons who are affected by domestic violence are considered to be ‘at risk’ and therefore may be eligible for priority housing assistance or Rentstart provided other eligibility criteria are met. They may also be eligible for Rent Choice Start Safely. Rent Choice Start Safely supports people who have already left or need to leave an unsafe relationship by:

  • helping to find a safe and affordable place to rent
  • paying a proportion of the rent for up to 3 years
  • assisting with education and employment options to support financial independence

Any person experiencing domestic violence may apply for housing assistance. This includes any member of a household in which domestic violence occurs/has occurred:

  • the elderly
  • child or young person
  • same sex partner
  • defacto
  • spouse

When responding to clients affected by domestic violence, social housing providers will:

  • respect the client’s right to privacy and confidentiality and make lawful decisions about disclosure of personal information
  • consider the safety and well being of the client (and any children and young people that may be part of the household) when assessing requests for assistance
  • provide reliable and complete information to the client about their entitlements and options
  • refer the client to appropriate services and support agencies
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Last updated: 30 Oct 2019