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DCJ Housing can help you set up a new private rental tenancy. We offer help to people with complex needs, give references to clients for rental applications, and provide interest-free loans to pay for rental bonds. DCJ Housing may also help cover costs for rental arrears or property damage.

Statement of Satisfactory Tenancy - for current or former public housing tenants. It can be a reference for rental applications.

Private rental brokerage service - help for people with complex needs (and their support agencies) to set up a private rental tenancy.

Bond Extra - gives extra cover for rental arrears or property damage. It is an incentive to offer a lease to people.

Rentstart Bond Loan - an interest-free loan to help eligible people pay a rental bond.

Advance Rent for Bond Loan - clients and people moving into low-cost accommodation. It helps with deposit payments.

Rentstart Move - a loan for tenants leaving public housing. It helps with the cost of moving

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Last updated: 08 Mar 2023