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Save for later and continue

By using your Form ID and password, you can save your form at any time and come back to finish it later, as long as it is within 30 days. The Form ID can be found at the top of each page of the form, and in emails sent to you. If you click ‘Save for Later’ you will still be able to continue completing the form. However, you will then need to hit the ‘Log out’ button to exit out of the form. For your convenience, the form automatically saves every five seconds.

Step 1 image

1. Your Form ID is displayed at the top of the page. Make a note of this if you need to return to the form at a later stage.

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2. Save for later allows you to come back to complete your form at a later stage within 30 days. The ‘Save for later’ button can be found at the top (Next to ‘Log out’) and bottom of each page.

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Last updated: 21 Aug 2023