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Step 1 of 3: Create an account

Who can create an account?

  1. Main or joint tenants
  2. Former tenants
  3. Main applicants
  4. Rentstart Bond Loan

Who is a main/joint tenant?

This is someone who lives in a Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) Housing or Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) property and has their name listed on the tenancy agreement. This is the person who signed the lease.

This does not include additional people living in the property.

Who is a former tenant?

A former tenant is someone who was previously a main social housing tenant (either with DCJ or a community housing provider participating under Housing Pathways).

Who is a main applicant?

This is someone who has applied for social housing assistance (either with DCJ or a community housing provider participating under Housing Pathways) and have their name listed as the main person on the application.

This does not include and people on the main applicant’s application.

Who is a main Rentstart bond loan client?

This is someone who applied for, and has been approved for, a private rental Bond Loan and is currently paying it back.

This does not include other people included on their application.

What information do I need to create an account?

You need your:

  1. DCJ Housing CRN, PRN or ARN (see below for details)
  2. Active email account

What is a Client Reference Number (CRN)?

This is a unique number issued to you when you apply for housing assistance. It is not your Centrelink Customer Number.

You can find your CRN on letters that may have been sent to you by a social housing provider.

What is an Application Reference Number (ARN)?

This is the reference number given to you when you were approved to be listed on the NSW Housing Register. You may have it on older letters that may have been sent to you by a social housing provider.

What is a Payment Reference Number (PRN)?

This is the number given to a DCJ Housing tenant or to a client approved for a DCJ Bond Loan. The PRN is the number of your account which you pay your rent or Bond Loan into. It is also the number on your quarterly statement. You will need this number if you are going to make online payments to your accounts.

Help with your login information

It says my personal details do not match. What does this mean?

Check if you have entered the information correctly. If you have not made a mistake, this could mean the Last Name or Date of Birth you gave do not match our records.

You will need to use the personal details you used when you first registered with MyHousing. You can do this by checking letter or emails we have sent you, or a copy of your application if you kept it.

If you are still having trouble you will need to call 1800 422 322 so you can check your housing record.

Need help creating your account?

It says the username/email address has already been used, but I have never registered for MyHousing. What do I do?

Do you share an email address with anyone? You will need to check whether someone else (e.g. family member/friend) has used your email address. If you are unsure you can call 1800 422 322 for help.

It says my username/email address is invalid. What does this mean?

The email address you gave is not an address that we are able to send an email to.

The email address you provide must:

  • not have spaces
  • only have one '@'
  • not start or end with '@'
  • have at least one full stop
  • have at least one full stop after the '@'
  • not start or end with a full stop.

It says my password is invalid. What does this mean?

The password you have chosen does not:

  • have at least eight character’s and at least one upper case letter
  • include at least one lower case letter
  • include a number.

Am I able to make up my own security question?

No. You must choose from the options provided.

Step 2 of 3: Confirm your details

Need help confirming your details?

What if details on this screen are not correct? What do I do?

If any details are incorrect, click on the ‘Back’ button to go back to the previous screen where you can update this information.

It says I’m unable to register for a MyHousing account. What does this mean?

This could mean that the information you have entered does not match our records or that you do not meet the access rules to register.

To be able to register for the website, you will need to be either a:

  • main tenant, - the person who signed the DCJ lease
  • main applicant, - the person who submitted an application for housing assistance and were told you are on the waiting list
  • main Rentstart Bond Loan client, - the person who signed the application and DCJ has loaned you money towards your private rental bond
  • former main tenant, - a person who has previously lived in a public housing property.

The email address on this screen is incorrect. How do I change it?

You will need to restart the registration process and register using the correct email address. Return to the login page and click on ‘Create an Account’ and follow the steps.

It says I have to activate the registration link within 24 hours. What happens if I don’t?

The link will expire, and you will need to restart the registration process.

If this happens, return to the MyHousing login page and click ‘Create an Account’. Follow the steps, using the email address you used previously.

It’s been 15 minutes and I haven’t received the email with the activation link. What do I do?

You should receive the email within a few minutes. If you are in a poor network area, it may take a little longer. Firstly, check your spam or junk folder or try refreshing your email inbox. If you do not receive the email, you can call 1800 422 322 for help.

Step 3 of 3: Verify your account

Need help logging in?

The activation link button in the email doesn’t work. What do I do?

Copy and paste the URL into a browser which will take you to the registration page. You must verify your account within 24 hours, or it will no longer work. If this happens you will need to restart again. If you continue to have problems, you can call 1800 422 322 for help.

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Last updated: 30 Oct 2020