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What is the message at the top of the screen?

This is a message that we have sent you about your account. A copy of each message will appear on the Check my Messages page.

What is the View Account button for?

This button will allow you to view transaction history, for the account. It will show transactions for the past 24months

What is a water account?

This account is for FACS Housing tenants that pay water charges.

I have a Bond Loan with FACS Housing. What happens with my account when I pay it off?

If you have paid off this debt, your account balance will display at $0.00

It shows a miscellaneous account, but I’ve never seen/heard of this before. What is it?

A Miscellaneous accounts is the account FACS Housing has set up for charges that do not relate to rent, water, tenant damage or former tenancy charges. We use this account for charges that relate to things such as bank dishonour fees, where FACS Housing has attempted to deduct money from your bank account but the deduction has been rejected. It also includes other charges such as fob key replacement costs.

What is the former tenancy debt account?

This account includes any charges from a previous FACS Housing tenant which you are responsible for. It may include things like unpaid rent and water charges or for the costs of repairs that you were responsible for. If you have paid off this debt, your account balance will display at $0.00

What is the Repairs account for?

This covers any repair charges that a FACS Housing tenant has been deemed liable for.

The Payment Reference Number is next to the Make a Payment Button. Which account does this relate to?

The Payment Reference Number is the number for your Rent account. You will be given the opportunity to select which account you wish to pay when you are in the epay screen

My detailed account (rent, water, miscellaneous, repairs, bond loan, former tenancy debt)

What is ‘Download PDF’ for?

This will allow you to download a copy of your transactions history in a PDF format.

If I make a payment using the Make a Payment button, will it show straight away in my account?

No. It may take up to 3 business days for the payment to appear in the relevant account.

The amount of time it takes for payments to appear will depend on the day of week and time of day and how you make a payment.

If I use the Sort & Filter to select All Transactions and click view, how far back will it go?

If you select All Transactions, the last 24 months will appear.

What is the fastest way to get back to the Account Summary page?

Simply click on ‘Accounts’ on the main navigation bar to return to the Account Summary page, or click the back to accounts button on the top of the page.

What does the negative sign e.g. -$53.61 mean?

This means your account is in debit or arrears.

What does’ Charges’ refer to?

This is where your account has been billed for things such as Rent, Water, Repairs etc.

What does ‘Payments’ refer to?

This is where your account has been billed for things such as Rent, Water, Repairs etc.

What is the ‘Load More’ button for?

This is so you can see more transactions. Each time you click on the load more you will see another 25 transactions . This button is at the bottom of the transactions list. If there is 25 or less transaction you will not see this button.

When I click Load More, how many transactions will appear?

If you click on Load More, the next 25 transactions will display at a time.

Account transactions are listed in MyHousing look different from my quarterly statement, shouldn’t this be the same?

Transactions in MyHousing are listed from newest to oldest, where as transactions in your quarterly statement appear from oldest to newest.

To make it easier to read some of the descriptions for charges and payments have been simplified. While the descriptions may be different the amounts and dates will be identical.