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On 29 May 2023 the NSW Government announced the extension of existing contracts for Specialist Homelessness Services and Homeless Youth Assistance Program services by two years. This will bring the current contract term to five years, ending on 30 June 2026.

During this period, DCJ will work with the sector, peaks and other stakeholders to shape the strategic direction for a new five year contracting period from 1 July 2026.

Responses to some of the frequently asked questions are provided below. If you have any further questions, please email

Which contracts are being extended?

The extension applies to Specialist Homelessness Services and Homeless Youth Assistance Program contracts.

The approach for other homelessness programs and services currently under contracts to 30 June 2024 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Will there be an opportunity to make changes to existing contracts?

There is an opportunity for providers to make changes to support better client outcomes within the two-year extension. Changes must be within the existing funding allocation for the service.

To propose a change, please complete this online form by 14 August 2023 The form seeks detail on:

  • Proposed service change/s
  • How better client outcomes can be achieved from proposed change/s
  • Risks or issues of implementing the change/s and how they will be managed
  • Impact on local service system

A PDF of these questions is available to preview, which may help you to prepare your responses prior to commencing the online form. You can also download a copy of your responses for your records once you have completed the form.

If you have issues accessing the online form, please email

How will DCJ assess the proposed changes?

DCJ will consider the proposed change/s against the following criteria:

  • Improved outcomes for clients. How will the proposed change/s improve access to services, quality of services and contribute to safety, wellbeing and housing outcomes for clients?
  • Feasibility to be implemented within the two-year extension. Some ideas may be more suitable to consider as part of the service system design for new five-year contracts from 1 July 2026.
  • Impact on the local service system. Are there gaps in the local service system the change/s may address or contribute to? Will the change/s affect how services work together to support clients?
  • Alignment with program specifications, relevant policies, legislation and federal agreements.

What do I do if there are no proposed service changes?

You do not need to submit anything if you are not proposing changes within the extension period.

Will indexation be applied during the extension?

Yes. Indexation will continue to be applied each year and paid in quarterly instalments.

Will the Commonwealth wage supplement be available during the extension?

The Commonwealth wage supplement (formerly the Social and Community Services – Equal Remuneration Order or SACS-ERO supplement) will be paid to eligible services for 2023/24 through the extension of the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement to 30 June 2024. Payments beyond 2023/24 will depend on the terms of the future federal funding arrangements.

When will the consultation on future service design start?

DCJ will receive and publish the final report by Ernst and Young on the evaluation of the SHS program in mid-2023. The evaluation will provide the basis for initial consultation on future service design.

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Last updated: 27 Jun 2023