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DCJ commissions Homelessness Services to deliver a range of services which help people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness to achieve safe and stable housing.

Over the period 2018 to 2023, DCJ will be implementing a commissioning approach to contracting homelessness services, which means:

  • shifting the focus from the services a provider offers to the outcomes they achieve for their clients by having agreed outcome measures and data to track these
  • using data to inform continuous improvement to meet client needs

This will put clients are at the centre of the contracting approach.

The transition to commissioning for outcomes will be underpinned by these principles:

  • Collaborative, transparent design and implementation
  • Clarity on the role of homelessness services
  • Ongoing capability development
  • Contracts must include clearly defined, measurable and attributable outcomes
  • Performance management is outcomes-focused and data driven.

What has happened so far?

  • DCJ has been working with the sector and peaks to identify draft outcome measures for testing. A pilot will commence in late 2018 to test these out. These focus on housing, safety and wellbeing
  • DCJ will soon start work on an outcomes framework that clarifies how data will be used for monitoring provider, program and system performance

What will happen next?

  • A gradual transition to an outcomes-based approach will take place over 2018 to 2023. More information will be provided following the outcome of the pilot.
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Last updated: 23 Oct 2019