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What can the Social Sector Transformation Fund grants be spent on?

All Social Sector Transformation Fund grants will need to be aligned to one or more categories listed below:






Personal technology and equipment for a flexible workforce

Purchase laptops, mobile phones and tablets to allow staff to be more mobile and work where they are needed or where they prefer to work



Organisational infrastructure for a flexible workforce

Purchase of a cloud service to allow for better collaboration in real time over the internet. Purchase/upgrade of servers, wireless network, data storage, or new accounting software



Technology training and support for a flexible workforce

General IT training courses, software training, social media training or training on how to use technology to better engage specific communities or client groups



Organisational business improvement

Adapt current work practices to be more effective. Advice on using existing or new technology more efficiently/effectively



Technology training and support for clients

Support clients to use technology in a remote service delivery setting



Service delivery or models of care improvement

Review and develop a mixed service delivery model that allows for improved online and face to face services



Data and information (cyber) security

Purchase of new hardware or software to improve cyber security. Engage a security expert to test current systems



Client relationship or information management system

Purchase of new or upgrade software to manage client information, bookings and client files



Organisational capacity building

Develop an IT procurement roadmap; governance and legal support; leadership training/program; strategic plans; or service delivery evaluations



Online engagement

Development of a social media and / or digital marketing plan. Purchase ads or run promotions on social media

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Last updated: 22 Mar 2021