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Electronic identification

This section allows us to verify your identity electronically, eliminating the need to upload documents or to bring them into an office. You will need either your Australian Passport, Australian Drivers Licence or Medicare Card. If you do not want to verify your identification electronically, you will need to provide identification documents at a later stage.

Screenshot of step 1

1. Click Yes to consent for Housing to check your identification electronically. If you select No, you will need to bring these documents into a DCJ Housing office.

2. Alternatively, you can upload and attach your ID to the form by clicking on Add an identification document.

Screenshot of step 3

3. When choosing a form of identification, the required fields will appear. Enter your details then select Run Identification check.

Screenshot of step 4

4. If your chosen form of ID returns a successful result, the above message will appear.

Screenshot of step 4

5. If your chosen form of ID returns an unsuccessful result, the above message will appear. You can enter the details of another form of ID and try again by clicking on Change Details / Retry.

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Last updated: 23 Aug 2023