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Client verification

This section allows us to check if you are a housing client. You can verify yourself using your Client Reference Number (found on letters sent by your housing provider), Payment Reference Number (found on your quarterly statements) or your Centrelink Reference Number. If you are unable to locate any reference number, you can still submit the form.

Screenshot of step 1

1. You will be asked to verify if you are a social housing client in Step 1 About You.

Screenshot of step 2

2. Your last name and date of birth will be prepopulated.

3. Enter your Client Reference Number or Payment Reference Number or Centrelink Reference Number. Note Payment Reference Number is for DCJ tenants only.

4. Click Verify.

Screenshot of step 5

5. If your details do not match our records, the message will appear. You will have five attempts before the form will ask you to move onto the next question.

Screenshot of step 6

6. If your details match our records, this message will appear. If we are unable to match, you are still able to proceed through the form.

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Last updated: 23 Aug 2023