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Change of circumstances FAQ

What is the Change of Circumstances online form?

The Change of Circumstances online form is to be completed by approved applicants (including approved transfer applicants) to advise of any changes to their situation. This includes changes to income, medical support, housing requirements, allocation zones, living arrangements or details of occupants living with you.

What information do I need to submit the online form?

You need an email address, and at least one of the following; Medicare card, Drivers Licence or Passport. You may also need other documents to support your application, e.g. income statement, medical support documents, etc

What if I need help with the online form?

You can view the online support guides or call the Housing Contact Centre on 1800 422 322 for help with any part of the online form. You can also visit your local office and speak to a member of our staff.

What happens after I submit the form? How long before I hear back?

We will get back to you within 30 days using the contact details you provided (usually phone or email). When we do contact you we may let you know the outcome of your application, we may need more information from you, or if we need to make an appointment for an interview

Where can I view details about my application?

You can register for MyHousing Account and Information to view key details relating to your approved application. Register for a MyHousing Account.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019