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Manage Asbestos Policy

1. Background

Building products containing asbestos, commonly called 'asbestos-cement', 'fibro' or 'AC', was widely used until the early 1980s in many Australian homes, including Land and Housing Corporation properties.

All building products containing asbestos were banned nationally in the 1980s.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all parties residing in, managing a tenancy or performing work on residential properties owned by Land and Housing Corporation and Aboriginal Housing Office.

3. Policy statement

Land and Housing Corporation tenants, staff and contractors, including agencies engaged for tenancy management, have a responsibility to report and take steps to resolve potential asbestos hazards in Land and Housing Corporation owned residential properties when they become aware of them.

Land and Housing Corporation consider that any disturbance to asbestos-cement or other materials containing asbestos, in its residential properties is a potential health risk.

Land and Housing Corporation will investigate reports of property damage which may contain these materials, manage its actions in working with asbestos-cement and take reasonable, timely and practical actions to protect the health of all parties involved.

Land and Housing Corporation will:

  1. Ask tenants, managing agents, and contractors to report any damaged asbestos-cement or other asbestos containing materials in their properties.
  2. Investigate reports of damaged asbestos-cement or other materials in Land and Housing Corporation and Aboriginal Housing Office properties.
  3. Investigate complaints of unsafe work practices by contractors handling asbestos-cement material.
  4. Ensure any maintenance or demolition work in properties that may have asbestos containing materials is done safely in compliance with legislation.
  5. Require all parties to report potential asbestos risks in properties so that Land and Housing Corporation can take steps to resolve them.
  6. Require contractors to be appropriately licensed if handling asbestos-cement material.
  7. Require contractors to use safe work methods and appropriate supervision of work in compliance with legislation.

4. Legislation and compliance

The management of materials containing asbestos will be dealt with in accordance with the following:

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019