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Tenant databases

What is a tenant database?

A tenant database is a list where landlords/agents record personal information about tenants who have had problems with their tenancies.

With this information, agents decide if someone is likely to fall behind on rent or damage the property.

If you have left a property without paying the full rent or with damage or repairs that are more than your unclaimed bond, your name may have been placed on a tenant database.

How do I find out if I am listed on a tenant database?

In each of the tenant database websites, there is a ‘Tenants’ section that tells you how to find if you are listed.

Common tenant databases are:

Calls to the database telephone hotlines are charged by the minute. You can also request information about whether you are listed via mail.

How do I get my name removed from a tenant database?

If you were listed for not paying rent, start repaying the debt to the agent or landlord.

If you were listed for something else – contact the landlord or agent to try and sort it out.

Any listing that is older than 3 years must be removed from a database.

What to do if you don’t think your name should be on the database?

Write to the agent and tell them if the information is not correct, or out of date and request that the information be changed (and keep a copy in case of a dispute).

If the agent objects to your requested change/s, your objection must be noted on the database.

Any listing that is older than 3 years must be removed from a database.

Listings under 3 years must also be removed if they are 'out-of-date'.

Fair Trading have further information on tenancy databases.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019