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Inspecting a property

Making a good impression

You may be competing with other people for a property. Real estate agents and landlords decide who will be given a tenancy.

You can create a good impression by:

  • dressing neatly, as if you are going for a job interview
  • being on time or early for appointments and open inspections
  • going alone if you can so you can give the agent your complete attention
  • introducing yourself briefly
  • answering questions politely
  • having a list of questions to ask about the property
  • taking photocopies of all documents (ID, references) and a pen so you can complete an application straight away.

Tell the agent if you are listed on a tenant database and why this happened, as they will find out when they check.

Inspecting a property

It is important to look at a property carefully before you sign a residential tenancy agreement (lease).

Remember to find out:

  • Does it have gas or electricity? (these can have different costs)
  • Does it have smoke detectors and do they work?
  • Are the blinds or curtains OK?
  • Is the hot water system big enough for your needs?
  • Are there locks on the doors and windows?
  • Is there a telephone line?
  • Is there a television antenna?
  • Are the fences and gates in good condition?
  • Do you have to look after the garden, mow lawns, etc?
  • Does the property need repairs? Will the repairs be carried out before you move in?
  • If you have a pet, are pets allowed?

Once a residential tenancy agreement is signed, it may be harder to ask the landlord to make repairs. The landlord should do any agreed repairs before you move in or provide a written agreement to do the work after you move in.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019