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Finding a property

There are several ways you can search for a private rental property including:

  • internet searches
  • newspapers
  • real estate agents
  • through friends and family and by word of mouth.

When you start looking it may help if you make a list of all properties in your price range, the agents and contact details. Use this list to keep track of the properties you have inquired about, inspected or applied for. Make sure you tick them off the list if you find they are not suitable or not available.

Internet searches

Some popular websites that allow you to search for properties are:

You can use these websites to search for:

  • a particular area
  • different property types – flats, houses,
  • share accommodation
  • number of rooms
  • properties in your price range.


You can find properties to rent in most NSW newspapers in the “to let” or “share accommodation” sections. Make a list of all properties in your price range, the agent and contact details, and tick them off the list as you go.

Real estate agents

Look at the “to let” or “for rent” displays in real estate agents.

Speak to your local real estate agent directly. Leave your contact details with them so that if something suitable comes up, they can contact you.

Noticeboards and word of mouth

Look on the noticeboards at TAFE colleges, universities, shopping centres, supermarkets, local shops and cafes for share accommodation.

Ask friends and family to let you know if they hear of something that might suit you.

If you need help to search for a property, ask staff at your local DCJ Housing office.

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Last updated: 30 Oct 2019