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For children and young people

For detailed information about the study and to find out more about what is involved:

If  you are a child or young person aged 7 years or older taking part in the study you will receive a postcard before each interview conducted every 18-24 months.

If you agree to be interviewed, the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions about the study before you start. You will then be asked to sign the agreement form.

The longitudinal study is currently conducting the 5th round of interviews. The interview includes some activities and some questions that take about 30 minutes to complete. All children and young people who participate in the Study will be given a Certificate of Research Participation.

If you turn 18 during the study, you will be invited to stay in the study and complete a questionnaire about how you are going from 2019.

Helpful resources

Where you can get support

Your caregiver or caseworker

CREATE Foundation: An organisation for children and young people in care
Phone: 1800 655 105 or 02-9267-0977
Kids Helpline: For young people aged 5-25 years
Phone: 1800-55-1800
Headspace: For young people aged 12-25 years
Phone: 1800-650-890
Lifeline:Crisis support for all ages
Phone: 131114
Beyond Blue: Support for all ages about mental health
Phone: 1300-22-4636

If you are part of this Study, please let the researchers at FACS or I-view know if you change your address or phone number so we can keep in contact with you.

Contact us

FACS Insights, Analysis and Research who are leading the study:
Phone: 1800-997-960

I-view who are conducting the interviews:
Web page:
Phone: 1800-105-088

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019