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Charter for working with contracted service providers

This charter conveys the principles, values, commitments and expectations of DCJ’s working relationship with service providers to achieve positive outcomes for individuals, families and communities.

What service providers can expect of us

We are committed to quality service in contract management. We will provide resources that assist both our organisations to better understand and fulfil their obligations

  • We will work with all stakeholders to provide the resources necessary to assist you and our contract managers to fully understand what is expected to fulfil the obligations of the contract.
  • We will provide accurate and consistent information.
  • We will listen to your feedback to continually improve the delivery of our services and the support we can offer to you.
  • We will be culturally sensitive and responsive to your needs.
  • We will be transparent in relation to our processes, so that our expectations are clear.

We will work with you to achieve the outcomes agreed in the contract

  • We will work with you to ensure quality outcomes are achieved, and we will recognise and celebrate your achievements.
  • We will work with and support your organisation, when necessary, to maintain or build capacity in governance and financial management capabilities.
  • We will be transparent about risks to service delivery.
  • We will act early if issues arise in relation to the contracted outcomes, and work with you to address them.
  • We will be fair and transparent when dealing with complaints, whether a complaint is about you or about us.

We will assist and support you to maximise positive outcomes for clients

  • We recognise that each service provider is different and requires tailored engagement. We will listen to your wants and needs, as well as your expectations of the relationship with us.
  • We will ensure you receive ongoing communication, engagement and support.
  • We will focus on collaborative engagement, embracing opportunities for innovation and new ways of thinking about how to support the communities, families and individuals we work with and support.
  • We will give you open, honest and constructive feedback.
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Last updated: 22 May 2020