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Frequently Asked Questions - Real Estate Agents

I’m a real estate agent / landlord and the applicant has sent the online application to our centralised mailbox that is managed by our secretary.  Can this be forwarded to the Property Manager to complete?

Yes, the email can be forwarded to the person in your business who is responsible for letting.

Will real estates agents / landlords be issued with an account where they can access all Rentstart Applications we receive?

No, each application will be emailed separately to real estates / landlords. This is to ensure there are no issues with having to log in or remember passwords.

I’m a real estate agent and my client asked me to complete the Property Information form online, how do I access the form online? 

Real estates/landlords will receive an email with a link to the Property Information form. If you have not received an email, check your spam folder or check that the client has entered in the correct email address when they completed the Real estate details.

Can the real estate/landlord see the whole form?

No, only information relevant to the rental property has been sent to them.

What notifications will the real estate / landlord receive?

Notifications will be received via email to the email address that the client has provided on the online form. The following email notifications will be received by the agent / landlord

  • When the client has completed an online form and details regarding the property are required from the real estate. The email will contain a link to the online Property Information form
  • Reminders if the real estate has not completed the Property Information form within 3 days
  • When the client has changed the property details after the agent or landlord has completed the Property Information form

From time to time, we fax the Property Information form directly to FACS Housing. Can the client change any part of the Property Information form once it has been completed by the real estate / landlord?

Any changes made by the applicant after the Real Estate completes their part will need to be validated by the Real Estate agent / landlord before it is submitted to FACS.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019