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Gardening, waste and recycling

Tips for getting the most out of your garden and reducing waste at home

Worm farms and composting

Worm farming and composting are fantastic ways to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill while feeding your garden with organic fertiliser.

Worm farms are great for people with limited space as they are compact and produce lovely liquid organic fertiliser which you can use on your garden or give away to friends. Worms can eat away food scraps in a matter of days when in the right conditions.

Compost bins are great for those with bigger gardens and lawns. A healthy compost bin likes a combination of food scraps, lawn clippings and leaves.

Many local councils offer free worm farming and composting workshops and will often provide discounts or free products to participants. Contact your local council to see if workshops are available in your area.

Compost Revolution have partnered with 40 local councils across Australia to offer discounts on home composting products and provide free online tutorials to help you set up and manage a worm farm, compost bin or bokashi bucket.

Some DCJ Housing apartment buildings are located near community gardens or have common area gardens where worm farming or composting is available. If you and your neighbours are interested in communal worm farming, composting or a community garden in your area contact your client service team to find out if it is possible.

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Last updated: 16 Aug 2023