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ChildStory Partner makes it easier for our service partners to interact with Communities and Justice (DCJ). It lets our partners securely send and receive information about the children and young people they work with.

Key tasks and functions available in Partner include:

  • online placement requests
  • referrals
  • case management
  • pre-populated online forms
  • payment verifications
  • Justice Link integration.

Who uses ChildStory Partner?

ChildStory Partner is used by:

  • funded service providers that offer placements under the Permanency Support Program (PSP)
  • funded service providers that deliver a targeted early intervention program, e.g. Brighter Futures, Youth Hope, Intensive Family Based Services or Intensive Family Preservation
  • other government agencies, including Health, Education and Justice
  • external legal partners

How can I access ChildStory Partner?

If you are a service partner who requires access to ChildStory Partner read our guide for information on how to request access.

What training is available for ChildStory Partner?

These online training modules are for our service providers who access ChildStory Partner for placements:

PSP Partner overview for Placements – this video gives you an overview of how OOHC placements are managed in ChildStory Partner.

Managing User Permissions – this course will show you how to manage permissions to ensure you have access to the right information.

Notes and Attachments – this course will help you to add notes or attachments to a person’s role in ChildStory Partner.

Sharing Records – this course will help you share records if you have Manager or Executive access in ChildStory Partner.

Exploring the Service Provider Dashboard – this course will help you use the activity dashboard in ChildStory Partner.

Verifying the PSP Financials – this course will help you manage PSP financials in ChildStory Partner.

Broadcasts and Placement Requests – this course will help you accept or decline a placement request from DCJ.

Person Service Request – this course will help you request further information or assistance from DCJ about a child or young person you are working with. It will also help you update details for someone within your organisation.

Who can I contact for assistance?

For support with ChildStory, please call 1300 356 696, or email

Where can I find more information?

Visit the ChildStory Partner website for more information.

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Last updated: 18 Oct 2019