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NSW Local Government Housing Kit

Information about the NSW Local Government Housing Kit, including what's the kit for, what does it do, what's in it, links to Housing Kit databases and printable PDFs

What does the Kit do?

The Local Government Housing Kit aims to provide resources to assist local government to respond to housing needs.  The Kit aligns with the Local Housing Strategy Guideline and with NSW Government requirements for action on affordable housing.

The Kit is not just a planning aid.  It goes beyond planning to explore the range of means that councils can deploy to realise local visions.  It also explains how interaction with the community, with local businesses and with organisations can complement planning, and support housing objectives.

Although local governments are not solely responsible for the housing and planning regime they implement, there is a lot they can do to make a difference.  The Local Government Housing Kit provides practical advice to councils on the many things they can do by using the full range of their powers, influence and opportunities.

Markets, needs and issues vary from area to area. The scope and focus of local housing strategies in metropolitan Sydney differ sharply from those in country areas, and again from heavily developed centres outside Sydney.  They differ also between stable and growth areas.  What works for one location might do more harm than good in another.  The Kit and the case studies within it acknowledge these differences and provide an array of helpful resources for all local governments in New South Wales.

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Last updated: 20 Feb 2023