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NSW Local Government Housing Kit

Information about the NSW Local Government Housing Kit, including what's the kit for, what does it do, what's in it, links to Housing Kit databases and printable PDFs

What is the Kit for?

Every council in New South Wales faces the challenge of meeting demands for suitable and affordable housing.  The NSW Local Government Housing Kit provides a comprehensive, easily used resource for everyone involved in making the most of housing opportunities.

The NSW Government sets policies and requirements to provide for housing supply, affordability and suitability.  The Local Government Housing Kit is designed to help councils and their staff develop their vision for housing, meet planning challenges and improve the housing situation.  It brings together a rich array of useful resources with coherent guidance through the housing challenge.

The Kit can also help organisations and individuals working with councils to understand and respond to housing issues.  These include community housing providers, other not-for-profit organisations, developers, researchers and the community.

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Last updated: 20 Feb 2023