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Human Services Agreement (HSA)

Information for service providers about the standard contract for human services in NSW. The HSA is formally called the Agreement for Funding of Services, but is commonly referred to as ‘the HSA’ for easy reference.

The HSA doesn’t apply to all DCJ contracts or funding arrangements

The HSA isn’t used for:

  • asset-based contracts or contracts with a significant asset-based component, such as housing, vehicles and ICT
  • goods and services provided directly to DCJ (including consultancy services or labour hire contracts)
  • social impact investment transactions, such as social benefit bonds
  • leases, licenses or other similar legal documents
  • prequalification contracts.

In addition, the HSA doesn’t apply to funding grants. Grants are generally paid to be of benefit to communities, and have a wider public good associated with the funding. This is different from public funding paid to an NGO to deliver a service that benefits an individual or group. The conditions attached to a grant are different in nature to the conditions required for funding of human services.

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Last updated: 20 May 2020