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Over 150 not-for-profit community housing providers across NSW provide housing assistance to eligible people on low incomes who are unable to access appropriate housing in the private market. The housing types provided by community housing providers include social housing, affordable housing and supported housing.

Community housing providers work with a range of partners, including DCJ, Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), other non-government organisations, local councils and the private sector to develop, deliver and manage  a range of housing products. Community housing providers lease properties owned by LAHC and sometimes receive funds from DCJ or other partners to deliver housing services.

Some larger providers develop housing stock and have fee-for-service arrangements with private entities to manage properties and tenancies.

Around thirty community housing providers participate in the Housing Pathways multi-provider access system, in partnership with DCJ and the Aboriginal Housing Office, and allocate properties from the NSW Housing Register.

To locate a registered community housing provider, go to the National Regulatory System for Community Housing website. This register details all nationally-registered community housing providers and is searchable.

To find a housing office in NSW, including a community housing office, go to Find a housing office.

Community housing products

Community housing providers deliver a range of products and types of assistance as described in the community housing products table.

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Last updated: 20 Jan 2022