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By now, your Client Service Officer (CSO) who manages your property, will have made an appointment with you to sign the lease.

Before you attend the appointment, make sure you read the Residential Tenancy Act Part 2. It details your legal obligations as a tenant of DCJ Housing. Your CSO will discuss this with you at the appointment and explain what it means.

There are also a few things you need to bring with you:

  • Your identification (Driver’s License, Medicare Card or Passport)
  • Any income and assets information you have, e.g. Centrelink or wages
  • Two weeks advance rent and water, (you can pay on the day with either your debit or credit card using the MyHousing App or ePay).

Your appointment may take up to an hour, so be sure to make time for this. Once the lease is signed and you’ve paid your two weeks rent and water, we’ll hand you the keys to your new home.

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Last updated: 25 Feb 2020