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Opportunity Pathways

Opportunity Pathways is a program under Future Directions for Social Housing to help people receiving social housing assistance to access education, training and work.

Program eligibility

To be eligible for the Opportunity Pathways program, you need to be:

  • 17 or older and meet the school leaving requirements, and
  • living in public, community or Aboriginal housing


  • receiving a DCJ Rent Choice subsidy that helps you pay the rent for up to three years until you become independent


  • an approved social housing applicant on the NSW Housing Register.

To be accepted into the program you also need to be willing and motivated to take part in – and be able to commit to – a Training, Employment and Housing Plan that we will develop with you.

You will work towards training, employment and/or housing independence goals.

Places in the program are limited. The Opportunity Pathways provider for your area will work out who can take part, based on a priority system. The Opportunity Pathways provider will tell you if you are selected to take part in the program. They will also let you know if you are on a waiting list or are not eligible for the program. Timeframes may vary between different Opportunity Pathways providers.

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Last updated: 01 Nov 2019