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While families usually provide support and security, trying to get along with your family can be stressful. This stress could be caused by divorce or separation, dealing with a step-family or just regular squabbling with your parents over what you can and can’t do.

Often, young people think that their problems aren’t “big” or “important” enough to ask for support. But just having difficulties getting on with your parents is reason enough.

Check out the links or call the helplines below to find out what support is available.

Online support service for young people going through tough times, with practical tools and support, including online forums. Use the Next Step tool to find the best support options for you in 4 easy steps.

Kids Helpline
A 7-day, 24-hour counselling service for children and young people aged 5-25 years. Available by telephone and online. No problem is too big or too small.
1800 55 1800

Uniting child and youth counselling
The Uniting Anchor program helps children and young people, their parents and their support system during and after separation and divorce. Their counselling program can also assist with issue such as bullying, substance abuse, moving out of home, stress and depression amongst other things.
1800 864 846

02 9951 5522

Family violence is not ok

Fighting and arguing with your family is relatively common. However if you feel scared because you live in a home where there is hitting, pushing, yelling, swearing, put downs, damage to belongings, scaring, controlling or bullying, then you may be experiencing what is called family violence.

Family violence is never OK. It is important to understand what family violence is and how to recognise it and what you can do to keep yourself safe.

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Last updated: 04 Mar 2020