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If Family and Community Services (FACS) receives a report about a child or young person in your care, a FACS caseworker may contact you by telephone or visit your home to talk with you and other family members.

Right to be safe

In NSW, laws protect children and young people’s wellbeing and safety, and they have a right to be safe in their homes and in the community. Parents and carers are responsible for the safety and welfare of children or young people in their care. Where this does not occur or is not possible, FACS becomes responsible for ensuring that children and young people are safe from abuse and neglect.

This means FACS must respond when someone tells us they think a child or young person has been significantly harmed or injured, or is currently at risk of significant harm from abuse or neglect.


FACS caseworkers are trained to assess the family situation and its effect on children, young people and parents. The knowledge you have about your family is very important and the caseworker will work closely with you and other family members to ensure that relevant information is used in the assessment and that your family’s circumstances are fully considered.

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Last updated: 15 Feb 2024