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DCJ doesn't provide references or referees for service providers. Instead, we provide Statements of Service. This page explains how to apply for a Statement of Service and outlines the information that will be provided.

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What is a Statement of Service?

From time to time, a state or federal government agency may require a reference, referee report or other similar statement to support your application for funding .

A Statement of Service:

  • confirms, in writing, details of the contractual arrangements you have with DCJ
  • provides relevant information we've gathered about your performance and approach to service delivery, as well as your governance and financial management practices.

Who can request a Statement of Service?

Statements of Service may be requested by a service provider or a government agency.

To obtain one, you must complete an Application for a Statement of Service form. Find out more about applying.

If the request comes to us directly from another government agency, we'll notify you that we've been requested to provide a Statement of Service about your organisation, and we'll provide a copy to you.

What information is included in a Statement of Service?

We have an obligation to provide details about our contractual arrangements with you as well as relevant information about your organisation, drawn from our experience of funding and interacting with you.

For this reason, information provided in a Statement of Service may include:

  • the contract term and the amount funded (either as a total or annual figures)
  • the services or activities agreed in the contract, and the requirements for performance and reporting
  • whether there have been any issues of compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract, or known performance issues (as a 'Yes' or 'No', only).

In the Statement of Service, we request that all information we provide about you remains confidential.

The implications of requesting a Statement of Service

It's important that you understand the implications of requesting a Statement of Service, as the information we provide to another government agency may not be favourable to your organisation.

If you're concerned about the information we may provide about your organisation, speak to your DCJ contract manager before applying.

How to apply for a Statement of Service

Use the DCJ form: Application for a Statement of Service.

We won't consider your request for a Statement of Service if you haven't used the DCJ application form.

You must answer all questions and sign the declaration at the end of the application form.

Once you have completed all required details in the application form and signed the declaration, submit the application by email to your DCJ contract manager.

Processing your application

We'll send the Statement of Service to either you or the nominated government agency, as applicable, usually within 2 weeks of receiving the application. If sent directly to the government agency, we'll also send you a copy.

This timeframe is an estimate and subject to variation. We'll notify you if we require more time to prepare your Statement of Service.

Support and assistance

If you have any questions or require any assistance to apply for a Statement of Service, contact your DCJ contract manager.

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Last updated: 24 Feb 2021