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Plants not permitted

What trees should not be planted?

You are not permitted to plant the following trees species as they have invasive tree root systems, toxicity and/or their mature height is too tall.

Botanical nameCommon name
Alnus acuminataEvergreen alder
Araucaria sp.Norfolk Island & Bunya Pines
Brachychiton AcerifoliusIllawarra Flame Tree
Bambusa sp.Bamboos
Celtis sp.Nettle-tree and Hackberry
Casuarina sp.Casuarinas or She-oaks (River Oak, Swamp Oak)
Chamaecyparis/Cupressus sp.Cedar and Cypress
Cinnamomum CamphoraCamphor laurel
Erythrina sp.Coral Tree
Ficus sp.Figs (Moreton Bay, Hills Weeping, Rubber Tree)
Fraxinus sp.Ashes
Grevillea robustaSilky Oak
Jacaranda MimosifoliaJacaranda
Ligustrum sp.Privets
Liquidambar StyracifluaLiquidambar
Lophostemon ConfertusBrush Box
Melia azedarachAustralian White Cedar
Nerium OleanderOleander
Phoenix CanariensisCanary Island Date Palm
Pinus sp.Pine Trees
Platanus sp.Plane Trees
Populus sp.Poplars
Quercus sp.Oaks
Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’Golden robinia, Black Locust, False Acacia
Salix sp.Willows
Sapium SebiferumChinese Tallow Tree
Schefflera ActinophyllaUmbrella Tree
Schinus MollePepper Tree
Syagrus romanzoffianumCocos palm
Toxicodendron sp.Rhus Tree
Tipuana tipuRosewood, Pride of Bolivia
Ulmus sp.Elms (large)

What climbers should not be planted?

You are not permitted to plant the following species of climbers due to their invasive root systems, toxicity and/or invasive stems of mature species.

Botanical nameCommon name
Bougainvillea sp.Bougainvilleas
Ficus pumillaCreeping Fig
Hedera helixEnglish Ivy
Jasminum polyanthumChinese Jasmine
Lonicera japonicaJapanese Honeysuckle
Rubus fruticsusBlackberry
Wisteria sp.Wisterias

Trees with invasive roots

The following tree species have invasive root systems that can damage sewer pipes. We will only grant approval to plant them if they are six metres or more away from a sewer, water or stormwater pipe.

Botanical nameCommon name
Acer sp.Maples
Callistemon sp.Bottlebrushes
Eucalyptus sp.Gum trees
Lagerstroemia sp.Crepe Myrtle
Magnolia sp.Magnolias
Melaleuca sp.Paperbarks
Metrosideros ExcelsusNew Zealand Christmas Tree
Morus sp.Mulberry (especially Black Mulberry)
Murraya PaniculateOrange Jasmine
Syzygium sp.Lillypilly
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019