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Building Design and Product Requirements

Asset Performance Standards

The Asset Performance Standards provide the benchmark for existing housing to assess components that are generally found in each dwelling and building.

There are over 12 million components in the 130,000 dwellings and buildings owned by NSW Land and Housing Corporation. Components are the discreet items that together make a building and include items such as doors, basins, taps, windows, floors, walls and roofs.

Approximately 90 components are listed in the document and are assessed against safety function and appearance criteria.

All dwellings must meet a Basic Provision Standard which is explained in the document.

These align with the Residential Tenancies Act’s requirements for Clean, Safe and Habitable Rental properties.

Component Requirements

As a long-term manager of residential property the performance requirements of selected components that are of particular interest to NSW Land and Housing Corporation are listed in this document.

The Component Requirements are not intended to be a comprehensive list of all components that are required to build a property.

Deemed to Comply

The Deemed to Comply Product Register is a listing of products assessed as meeting the performance criteria set out in the Component Requirements. It is neither comprehensive (there are more products than listed here) nor exclusive (other products may be used provided they meet the performance criteria).

Applications for products to be assessed must be submitted using the Deemed to Comply Application Form.

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Last updated: 04 Feb 2022