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DCJ has developed an annual NSW Social Housing Assistance Commissioning Data Report that radically improves the granularity, quality and accessibility of information available for service delivery planning.

The data report presents a NSW wide overview of social housing assistance, including applications for social housing, social housing tenancies and private market assistance. The privacy protected appendix is presented at allocation zone, district and cluster level. Key information being released for the first time includes information on existing social housing tenants needing to move, and a breakdown of demand in each area by bedroom and accessible housing need. Demographic data is available for all household members, rather than just the main tenant or applicant, and variables are presented by Aboriginality.

There are limitations with this data, as with all data. The appendix must be read in conjunction with the report in order to understand the data definitions, limitations and caveats.

Please contact for research requests, if you require further information or wish to provide feedback. For media enquiries contact

The following must be accepted when accessing these publications.


  • If you need to use these publications for purposes other than service delivery planning, you must contact DCJ at the above.
  • Any use of this data to produce new material, whether to publish that new material, represent it as an example of work done, or other manner of sharing should reference the:
    • ‘NSW Social Housing Assistance Commissioning Data Report and Appendix’
    • include the year, web location, page number and where applicable, the figure number
  • DCJ retains ownership of its intellectual property in this information.
  • DCJ, its employees or agents do not accept responsibility for the use any person makes of the data provided.
  • Caution should be exercised when using small cells.


DCJ is committed to providing the public with open and transparent access to data about its services and client outcomes. The department makes every attempt to ensure accuracy, currency and reliability of data contained in these documents. The data used has been produced and processed from data sources and client information systems believed to be reliable, accurate and complete at the point of annual data extraction. However, due to the dynamic nature of our business, changes in circumstances after time of publication may impact the quality of this information.


If you require an accessible version of the following reports and appendices contact




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Last updated: 15 May 2024