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The Hunter Residences redevelopment program supports residents from Stockton, Kanangra and Tomaree centres to move into homes that are tailor made to their specialist needs and located within communities.

December 2018 update

We now have a Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA) provider for the houses. The physical homes will be built and managed by the Home4Life consortium comprising Compass Housing, BlueCHP and Lighthouse Infrastructure fund.

Construction of the first group homes has begun. They will be completed in stages and we expect the first houses to become available from July 2019.

There are 69 new group homes to be built and people from the Hunter Residences will move to new homes throughout 2019 and 2020.

June 2018 update

Agreement with the Australian Government

The NSW Government recently signed an agreement with the Australian Government that locks in NSW NDIS participants funding for the future.

Under that agreement, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) manages all funding that the NSW Government provided in either direct service delivery or indirectly through grants provided to existing non-government providers of disability services.

The NSW Government has committed over $3bn per annum with a 4% increase per year in the NSW contribution to ensure that people with disability in NSW continue to have access to services.

Hunter Residences

The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in the past two years has meant that the Hunter Residences redevelopment process has had to be flexible to cater for this significant change to disability funding across Australia, particularly when it comes to specialist disability accommodation (SDA).

The finalisation of the SDA funding approach by the NDIS has resulted in delays in the financing stage of the Hunter Residences redevelopment. Most of the land has already been purchased and the plans for the new houses are developed and approved. The next stage of building will commence shortly.

As a result of the financing delays, the NSW Government also took the opportunity to refine the designs to be more contemporary and adjust to more suitable locations in some cases. These changes are now being assessed by the interested accommodation providers, who were part of the original tender process.

Updating residents and their families

We have written to families and guardians to provide them with this June update and assure them that DCJ will continue to operate the Hunter Residences until the redevelopment is complete.

If you receive any questions from families and guardians, you can direct them to contact DCJ on 1800 379 284 or

Previous updates

Hunter Residences will continue to operate after 30 June 2018

As was announced late last year the Hunter Residences will continue to operate, with staff employed by DCJ, after 30 June 2018 until the project is completed. Work will continue on the project until the homes are delivered and everyone has been safely moved into their new homes.

The NSW Government’s highest priority is the continuity of service for people living in Hunter Residences and to ensure their safe and smooth transition to new services that meets modern standards.



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Last updated: 22 Oct 2019